Saturday, June 6, 2009

Agung b'd

wow !!

haha~cool bibo
no entry
the mines
the LRT

dad fetch us to eat "big head prown"
delicious !!!
haha~ near the Putrajaya there
after finish our lunch ~~ go The Mines

The mines got the X-games competition ~
cool !! hahah~~nice nice



Friday, June 5, 2009

Practice Dance

today 10pm already wake up
finish my housework
Around 12pm me and sister going IN HOUSE college for practice dancing
haha~~1st times go the college...feel not bad..but far from LRT station
when i reach there ,my sis find her friends for practice the dance.

When 1pm we start to practice "beat it" 1st part ~~
I'm very shy because 1st times teach jie jie gor gor dance
but they very friendly , haha ~nice to meet you all ^^
but i hope you all can try your best to dance probably
good luck guy !! haha
Just beat it beat it beat it !!!
wo de bi bu jian liao XP

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lalalala ,
same ... tuition
yesterday the botak fetch me back home..
very thanks him for this

<<<< wow... that's nice~~hahaha
So many pro here..
^^ but i'm most bad at there
so happy know them
ya...wan improve my english already !! because
too many "banana man"

Monday, June 1, 2009

^^ Happy Day ^^

Woww. !! really happy~
because Beatbox battle world championship is the end ^^
Wow. !! happy ^^ ZEDE won ^^ have golden mic and Panasonic camera

Then... i intro Double playing meetoto
he say the games is so cute n cool
haha~then Eric play too
so happy ^^
really cannot imagine about this
Taiwan no1 beatboxer
wow !!
m i lucky ??

Sunday, May 31, 2009

buy a new cap ^^
stay in car
c2p CT

Today~~hmm ... not bad ~
afternoon go grandmother's house
popo cook "lei cha"
weeeeeeeeeeee ^^ nice nice
but no take pic

When night i go Selayang mall watch Micky's performance
after than , i go sushi king Lim teh with CT
not bad XP
and i buy a new cap XP
happy~~mum buy for me ^^
nice cap
i like it ^^