Monday, May 20, 2013

Bff 21st Birthday Party

My dead blog is alive, hahaha! My blog always blog about my birthday! So happening. 

Well let's talk about this topic! My best friend forever Er already become "dai gor lui". She make her birthday party at 18th of the May. Me and my another bff Yiing already planned to give a surprise to Er. So I contact with her lil sis to go inside her room without letting her know. Of course 1st plan already success, we brought all the 10 flying balloons to her room and preparing pump the 50 balloons to fill her room! So romantic right! 2 girls pump the 50 balloon within 10mins, means that we never stop to pumping the balloons.
Strong girl wanna be!

This surprise a lil bit failed, because the weather is so hot me and yiing just chit chat at her room because we on the air condition! So until she opened the door we only knew we are too late. We planning to hide inside toilet or another room. But she thought this surprise is from her elder sis! Hahahaha, I know she felt touching and going to cry! Tadaaaaa!

See, she is so happy!

Our professional make up artist do the hair style for us! Serious pro!

I felt glad have this best friend, from high school until now. We never argue, we are twins! We take care each other we laugh we cry we smile. Thank you appeared in my life and become my best friend! Hope you like the present we gave you and wish you faster become a professional make up artist then get a good job! We love you!