Monday, January 2, 2012


 Heellow :) Is the second day of the 2012. So far so long, the time won't pause and stop. Yeapppp, shopping day! Gonna spend much recently, CNY coming soon. Frist, I need buy new clothes, dye a new color on hair! YEshiii, cannot wait for collect ang pao only. Hahaha, forgive me please but I don't think you're not agree with what I said right. Ignore ignore~
Oh yea, today is Monday and what a public holiday. Plan to have lunch with family at Jalan Ipoh! What I can say is Jalan Ipoh, got nice food. Haha!
Ignore my nerd face with the spec! I borrow from my lil sis, the Taiwan brand- Mr.Rich
Quite match me what :P Rich family! My outfits today.
Top - MNRCHII@REALM(must support)
Bottom - bought from my mom.
Slipper - Birkenstock

 Hahahaha, I force her to let me took a picture! My lil sis. Yea, her sneaker and top also bought from REALM.

I can 100% tell you, no others can compare with here. Really delicious, this just a stall and located at Jalan Ipoh Batu 5, Taman Kok lian there. Opposite pharmacy only, easy to get where is it. If you pass by there must try it :D
After lunch, my sis want to go KLCC shopping. Skip** skip**. Hi-tea time! My elder sis want eat some desert. See where we go? A Snoopy cafe~~~  Seriously, the food not what I expect. Could you get me?

 If the food and drinks are good, I paid with good mood. But..... you know....

Okay okay, I really can clam down after that! Because my dad date us to have dinner at Jalan Ipoh@Taman Kok Lian. Hahahaa, we still miss here. But what I most likey is this! Lou Sang! Ermmm, I don't know what in English. But this is before and during CNY must have! We super early to have already! I LOVE! I only love lou sang here! This restaurant named 新嘉喜. Nice si!

This is what today I did! My semester gonna start, mean... busy day gonna start also. T.T But I will enjoy what I do. PEACE.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Housewarming 2011-2012

 Hellowww, first I want to wish everyone have a good start at 2012, is gonna be great :D Actually the most I cannot wait is my birthday. Why I say so? Because it gonna be big! In Chinese people, this year is 21st and this year is 2012 + my birthday on 12nd December! Can you believe is 21,121212. OMG OMG :P But I haven't plan how I wanna make it big. Hrmmm..... Alright, let back to this topic! Before 2 weeks ago, my parents plan the housewarming on 31st + countdown 2012!

Sorry I didn't taka much picture, because I keep stay inside house. Outside all my relative, and daddy and momiii's friends. Actually is quite much people there. So happening :)

They are cute, hahahaha. Random pictures!

 Abi and me.

My sis and me.

Can you see KLCC? I know cannot :P

They are watching the firework! Hahahaha, so cute. 

What I wish is everything will be good and great, I will work hard and hard :D Peace peoples!! I LOVE YOU HUBBY