Saturday, March 24, 2012

21/3 Little sis bday.

I have to fetch her everyday when she finish school, so her birthday that day. I know a cafe quite nice. I mean the food! First times I been there with my brothers, and the waiters intro their famous things in the cafe and she is so friendly, I like her :D. She intro me their homemade the sauce different with others. Yea, she is quite right, and the sauce won't really "heavy flavors" you get me? Is suitable to all the peoples. I told my lil sis before I wanna bring her come over here to have lunch or dinner and her birthday I brought :) 

 Here is the shop, located at Kepong. Can check this out on facebook, 囧 Little Break Cafe. Believe me, the food really not bad :D I snap the menu because I wanna show the price not really expensive! :D

 The environment so so, but the cartons on the wall really cute! Heehehe. Many !

 We had order fresh orange and apple juice.

 My lunch, Grilled chicken chop with black paper sauce.

 My sis's lunch, Chicken spaghetti mushroom carbonara.

 Here's the bill, not expensive right?

 My sis bully him ==.

Hahaha, finish :D

The End.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Wedding, my cousin :D

Hahaha, my sem break doesn't bored. I be the photographer on 17th, morning and night. I quite excited to do this job, because I like photography, but I'm not the pro. I just tried my best to be the photographer on that day! So far so good, photographer not that easy. Just a morning time, follow them to there here. Yea, is so tired. Fiewwww, luckily afternoon still can take a nap!

Wondering why I snap all cannot see face, HAHAHAA. Don't know, I just snap only :P
Turn wedding dinner, no change. I still the photographer, and I didn't edit these photo! HAHAHa, actually I brought my bokeh filter along, then I cover it. I thought I can snap the light got heart shape, but failed..... And I realize my photo all got a lomo feel!! LMAO! So nice.

I just shared the photos to you guys, and don't think that easy to be a photographer T.T. HAHAHA, but I like!


Monday, March 19, 2012

4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

Hi hi, have a week didn't update my blog. Don't worry! I will update as long as I free :P Yea, what I wanna blog the 4th Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Omg, I have long time didn't perform and of course I will nervous! I performed at 2 days, first day 16/3 3.30pm and second day 18/3 2.30pm &  7pm! So good I got a pretty good boyfriend fetch me to there :P He want to accompany with me! Muahaha :P Love you hubby! Alright, the first day I didn't see any hot air balloon and my show at afternoon and the weather is so so so HOT! I really cannot tahan the weather that day! I just hide inside my car, see this picture? I never edit my picture, because the sunlight! Hahaha, can't see my pretty cute pimple also. So fair and nice. Pity face.
 After that, the beatboxers need to stay at Padang A, which is the hot air balloon place. I really excited see the hot air balloon, but that time I really didn't see any thing fly around sky. But I saw this! This small cute balloon. Hubby ask me to snap with this cute thingy.
 My hubby.

 Finally I saw one fly around sky.

 Don't worry hungry, because got a lot food there.

 Can see how hot inside, omg....

 At the second day evening, hahaha. I felt I'm the animal, then a lot people watching inside :x
 Me again with the small cute thingy.
 Arhhhh, my head burning ==. My bf laugh at this picture caused the fire........
 And and and, finally..... I can watch the hot air balloon flyyyy~ Wooooo!

 Buih buih~
 Alright, is my turn to perform. Wow, Evening really a lot people there. I can saw my face on the big screen. My hubby didn't snap the screen. But never mind, this is a good stage experience. Second day didn't record the video, but first day got. But the first day more weak I mean the beat.. Forgive me :x

The end.