Sunday, July 3, 2011


Yesh x3, I back to school secondary school! Quite miss the school environment *not the principal*. Alright, early in the morning, reached there around 8.45am++. Is quite early but I need buy something to eat! Errrrr, this is what i bought and..... not really tasty actually 0.0. * you can see what react on my face, LMAO*

This is the reason why I want back to school, I wanna eat fried ice-cream!! Hahahaha, total I ate 3! Yummy~ But seriously, is it fried ice-cream only in KL? Last time I posted the fried ice-cream's picture, the peoples who dropped the comments like never eat before. Don't feel so weird, the fried ice-cream is really tasty man! Where can find this! I only know two places! One located at Uma Rani, Jalan Ipoh Batu 4 and Kepong pasar malam! If you know how to make it, please tell me!

The weather is very very hot =(

Yeeeeeeee, so scary lah! I touched them, the feeling like *gak gak gak gak gak*. But nice shoot, the second picture! It looked at you! Be careful then.........

Ouhhh, I met my "biao di" here! Snap a picture first!

Yeap, why I changed my clothe already!! Magic, *ding...* After the carnival I really feel wanna back home take a shower before next round. Is freaking hot man! Yeap, chilled up to Stussy KL. I knew got a event there about yo-yo, you guys felt weird why I will attended the yo-yo event right? First, I wanna to say I'm a yo-yo player when I was kid! The time I always practice yo-yo skill at home and bought the Duncan's yo-yo. Always chilled with the yo-yo player at Sunway Pyramid, seriously... really have a long time ago! But I can play yo-yo with simple skill!

Actually I didn't watched whole the competition, because I'm hungry + weather hot. I went to Pavilion to have my lunch with friend. After that, back home!

Alright, what's happened on my hands! I felt that Imma a cow inside the bedroom. Actually I try to refill the ink, but filled. Not because I'm stupid okay, the sponge inside already dry... Caused of have a long time didn't use the ink, that's why! After that, I rushed to Jusco, Kepong to bought the new ink =='''. So worry, because I'm rushing my assignment..............
So, bye! Continue my assignment! Good luck!