Wednesday, June 22, 2011

All in one!

Hey peoples! Sorry for no blog much, recently rushing assignment and homework.. Fiewww, but finally I can blog! First, I wanna to share...   19/06, Sunday. Me and my bff Er plan to shop and buy my new phone =D So excited to get a new phone! Well, I'm not such person like to keep change the phone. So that I bought my BB at Plaza Lowyat with Er. I spent my own money to bought my own things! But really, I need to save money for my study already, is crazy too late now only start to save and always thought I will save but am I did? No! Girls like to shopping, make up and etc... To get the satisfy! Get me? I admit I'm the person. Must control my hand and my mind! LMAO! Please give me support to stop buy something! Alright, Let's back to the topic. Tadaaa! My girl's look. My god, I cannot without the G-shock ==.

Yeap yeap, we parked the car at Time Square and we like to eat, BBQ plaza! Hahahaha, BBQ plaza's fans! Even thought we go 1Utama, we still visit the cutie green dragon! After that, sure will ordered the "Family Pork Set", sound Wowww... 2 person have "family" pork set. But this times, we cannot finished all. How bad, we thought can. =(

After the lunch, we go shop shop shop shop..... Then, need to go Plaza Lowyat to crab my BB! My new BB babiee!! Thanks Gary x) After bought, I need go bring my "Kong Long"( DSLR) and pendrive to visit doctor already =( Luckily my Kong Long still health even fall down. LOL! But my pendrive need to check in to hospital for a month. Oh shit, I need him =( Hope he can recover faster!

Okay, we need hair cut seriously!!! Very "beh tahan" the hair, I got half year didn't hair cut. Can imagine how heavy how much my hair on my head! So, we chill out at IP salon which is located at Sungei Wang. Really not bad, we like our hair! So cute X)

Tadaaa! We look so young! And we both look alike?! Oh my, why many peoples said that we are twin? Even Facebook! Facebook always wrong tag my face! After shop at Pavilion, is the time to back home. I don't felt like wanna back home, but Sunday is papa's day. My relative wanna dated us and have dinner together! So I need back home before 8pm! What a good Sunday, I bought some clothes with pink color X) New BB babie! Not enough for me, but stop lah! Hahaha, start to learn how to save money =/

Okay okay, Let's talk about yesterday! 21/06, After the class, I really non-stop doing my assignment. I done it today evening! Yesterday I rushed my assignment at Umami Kepong. Huu huu! Thanks the staff keep re-few the hot tea =D. Of course, I just done 1 subject's assignment... Prepared to pass up tomorrow morning. Luckily haven't "pengsan" yet. Fiewww, After this blog I need to continue my assignment and assignment homework! Ouh yea, forget about what I wanna blog today! Hahahah! Is I get Puffylab andUnfamous's tees today! Wow wow! So good I got 2 new tees already =D Please support local brand. Check it out on facebook! 

If you want my bb pin, can drop me a message here =D