Friday, March 11, 2011


for sure,這些事比較私人的所以不方便在部落分享。。


我忘記在上一個post裏寫關於 Banghoux
馬來西亞牌子,大家也要支持哦 =)


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Bei Beatbox

Much love peoples!!
Peace up

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Around 2.15pm+ , WE ( AbeatC, Jun, Me, Coex and C) reached Klang Parade =). Is awesome, why i say so? Help college is together with the Klang Parade. ( just a small matter XP)
After that, we need to register and pay 10 bucks. After paid the fees, we just waiting and waiting.
Because the competition is 2 type of different things. One is beatbox and other one is dancing. Total got 33 peoples take part, everybody have 3-5 min showcase.

1st is beatboxing and next is dancing. Alright,My turn no2. Why don't have my pic? Because of my bro just record the video only, and i won't upload that on facebook or youtube. I felt that so "fish", when before enter the stage... they so support me, scream and clap for me. But i did the stupid not well on stage. Sorry guys T.T.. I will keep on practice and get it nicer =) Just take experience lah!! Cheer up!

Peace peoples!