Friday, April 1, 2011


Early in the morning, woke up something like 5am+ ... @@ Freaking tired now! But I still want blog!! Urghh.... X) chill BEI! Anyway, let's talk about today. I need to go TOA for take English exam, and pass up the 2 drawing. So that, we need go out earlier...We NEVER take any public transport to Sunway Pyramid before =(. But never mind, just try to take! Hahaha! Actually really easy, just take ktm go KL Sentral and go wait the bus which is U63,U67 and U76. Is straightly reach Sunway Pyramid one. Nice la... No need to change this change that to reach there. Almost 10am +, finally... We take the bus to there.

Around 10.30am++ WE ARE REACH! Is no need to wait for long.
After that, go exam! Urgh..... *skip skip skip**** Around 12.30pm+, we have our lunch at Jeremy's mom shop. Which is vegetarian and DELICIOUS! Then... waiting the time pass... of course go shopping lah!! X) Sunway Pyramid is near what.......

What's the thingy beside me?? Is Mother's day present, why bought it damn early? Because got 50% discount lah!! Hahaha.. really cheap X) But really nice. Is Polo and the color is champagne grey. Hope she will like it =) shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....

Happy Eugene bought eyeliner jell, kinda nice =) After that, we just find a place to rest... TIRED man... >< At the relax time, she teach me how to snap picture with manual. Normally I use sport to snap da things, just enjoy the moment la... We keep on snap snap snap! Really free at there, and waiting Tallen come crab both of us pity girls.

Snap by Eugene, NICE =) Thanks la wey..
Finally he reach =) But he haven't have his "breakfast" and we accompany with him. Subang some place X) Don't know where is it....

Weather is hot!! You can see beside me.. how bright! and I look white~~ Tehee!
Yesh.. The guy beside me called Tallen, a pity guy also X) Can see his eye bags how serious is it.. Sorry... Hehehe

Hmm, tomorrow still need to go there for pay the register fees and pass up something. Is TIRED... T.T Finish my blog, I WANT SLEEP ALREADY! CIAO! BUIH BUIH!!


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just post =)

Don't think just snap =)