Friday, May 28, 2010


sole what
Peace Up !!

Today went to Sungei Wang for the Sole What Satellite Store
That's was awesome !
haha !

Around 12.30pm +
reach there
quite many people line up
saw Fung stf

quite long yea.. =_______=
waiting waiting waiting ~~~~
saw Kyo bought tee n sneakers
waiting waiting waiting waiting

is my turn !
quite excited XP
just go in the shop
and saw peoples are finding their "collection"
so messy
and hot

Kikstyo's tee only RM50!
the shoes RM50-RM250

faster choose a nice shoe
and find tee
i think the nice tee already give peoples bought
and no more size
all XL, L
hard to find M
finally find M..
and my bro bought L,XL
i bought a Adidas

haha !

around 2pm
with bro go Subway take away
and take taxi back home
because bro need tuition later

when reach home
mum ask me
what you buy ?
i show her

she say " waa.. who the girl wear bikini ? "
" japanese.. hehe"
"who dare to wear this tee out ?"
" jun n me XP "
my mum sure think i was crazy

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


How to say...
mum, you say you are tired
i understand
commanded us to teach younger sister
but when sister do wrong
i got tell her what she wrong
but she didn't listen to me
i scold her
but you blame me
blame me don't treat your sister bad
but i teach her
she don't want listen
what i should say ?
i cannot do anything

you just know how to say your old things
when i say when i 12 years old
i already help you do housework
but you say don't talk the old things
i just want you to know
when i 12 years old already know do housework
but how about younger sister?
because all the things is me and my bro and mum you do finish
so she no need to do the housework
must independent
must facing everything
i just use your way to teach younger sister
but you say me teach wrong

i know you so tired
I'm human
i also will tired
why i will cry
because i don't know can share my feel
i scare i will cry when i share
i scare people seen i cry
want be stronger
be happy..

elder sister
really hard to do
must learn how to be stronger
must know how to do housework
18 years old
facing many problem in this year
i just hope i can handle

i have no hope for some love