Monday, April 23, 2012

22/4 Boyfriend's Birthday!

Hahaha, Halo peoples! Today is my hubby birthday!!! Actually I cannot wait until night, the moment spend with him! Really, because I want give him a surprise! He told me didn't eat birthday cake have a long time, what girlfriend should do? HAHAHAHA, buy a cake for him la! :P I don't know what he wants for his birthday present, plan wanna buy the external charge for iphone, but then he get it from his friend. Owhh, I really don't know, so I plan give a surprise for him! Is that success? Readddd! :P

Yea, early in the morning. I woke up at 8.45am, so surprise actually ==, normally I won't wake up at this time... Okay! Boyfriend haven't wake up, and yesterday he fall asleep at 4am, cause he celebrated with his friends. Alright :) I wanna fetch him and accompany with me to Summit USJ, yea.... why? I take part the dance and beatbox competition. Yea, just like last time what I did, and a good news. Me n my group in the final (top 10) congrats! My boyfriend told me he gave his luck to me already! Yea yea!! Thank you so much much much!

After that we still got time, and went to Sunway Pyramid had hi tea. Yea, Sakae Sushi :) Because I reserved the table at Souled Out at Sri Hartamas on 7.30pm. So we spend the time at here!
My birthday boy <3 HAHAHA :D

Tadaaaa, frist time been here and here is the fb! Souled Out at Sri Hartamas. Hrmmmm, here is a nice place to chill with your love one and your friends! Once you step inside, you just feel you at oversea because almost are "ang mo" means white people! Yea, really! Downstairs environment good, so relax. Upstairs environment so romantic one :) JENG! Suitable for couple dating! Nice place to introduce you guys :) No wonder my boyfriend like here la....

 Intro this drink, nice nice. I forgot what's the named call, got mint and lime. Very nice :)

Dragon fruit, me likey!

 This also nice, HAHAHAHA. Not really like to eat beef, but this time I like. Don't have the smell really JENG!

 Cabonara :D

 HAHAHA, so cute! He told me he doesn't expect I will give him surprise with the cake. He thought just simply have a dinner at Souled Out! He told me he felt touch! He told me he felt very happy and happy and happiness :D Weeeeeee, SUCCESS! First times give him a birthday surprise :) I also feel so happy and actually I felt touch also, I don't know why feel want to cry at that moment :x. So "sambat". But I know he shocked when the cake on the table and while wearing that cute hats! HAHA, MUACK! LOVE YOU!

Ouh yea, this cute mini cake! Is designed by me, I know not really nice but tried my best! I spend a long time to think what wanna design on top of the cake actually. Don't worry the flavor, is suitable for anyone... I think... But a little bit sweet. Yea yea, this cake from a cute bakery shop! check fb fb! Dreamz Bakery which located at Kota Damansara. Check it out from there fb, you will see a lot cute, nice and cool cake!


Yea, happy until upside down!

 The cute vintage feel box.

Hehehe, yea feel so success and so luck he didn't realize what I wanna do on his birthday! Yesterday night, after I met the dancers for comp after that 9pm I went to Kota Damansara for took my cake, and straight away went to Souled Out for do a reserved! Wow! I'm not showing off la :x  Love the picture took at Souled Out and thanks for the help!! Much thank Souled Out! Will come back again!


The End.