Thursday, August 23, 2012

22/8 Maggie birthday party

Have a long time didn't update my blog, having semester break now. Just received a message from college friends. They gonna plan a surprise for our classmate, Maggie and I joined!
She is a very friendly of course willing to teach anything she know. Yea, she like to share :D She had a creative brain seriously! I like her :D

These piece of paper, everyone stick 2 papers on back. We walk to her house and ask her to open the door. Then we just turn to the back and show her "Happy Birthday"! Hahahaha, we really can did this thing! OMG.

Her present!

 Naughty peoples did this!


 She got a naughty brother! He pull the water from upstairs!

Second times kena ice water from upstairs!
Pity-nya :D

Quite enjoy the party, even I didn't join them play the ICE water! Happy birthday Maggie!