Saturday, September 15, 2012

15/9 Yiing Birthday!

Hello! Well, today is my bff, Ying birthday! Let's talk about our relationship! I think me and her have almost years! When in secondary school Form 1, we knew each other because some gang of girls. Yea, really "lala" that time. In the school, she is counted in pretty girl! She very small size I mean not really tall, yea... Guys like the girls shorter than them right. She always got many admire! She is very nice friend and like to share nice thing. She won't mind to share! I like the way she friend with, I won't forget she take care me and hurt my finger. HAHAHA, she really take care me seriously. Her mother always cook those herbs drink, and she always took a bottle for me. Because I sit beside her. She like nail art, make up and all about beauty things! She had hurt my finger before when Form 3, she like to cut nail with shape so she try to help me cut and hurt my finger! I just cried and she keep laugh. Bad girl! She is clever girl seriously :) 

Of course, I hope you enjoy your birthday! Me and my bffs were planing to give her a surprise, we keep change plan and change. Final discussion is One Utama, T.G.I Friday's. And very much thank Er! She drive to Time Square to took the cake she ordered. Thank you very much!! 
Here is the picture took today!

The birthday girl!

 She get stock when saw this cake! AHAHAHAHa!

 The Friday's waiters ask her to stand on the chair! Then we sang birthday song to her.

 Make a wish!

Less one sapo!

 Minnie girl and minnie cake!

HAHAHHAA, very old picture! When still in secondary!