Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The day with my love.

 Awww, I like the day with you my love.

Around 3pm something, went to Pavilion to had our lunch :D. The Takahashi cafe which is located at Tokyo Street@Pav. I quite like the pasta there, got a lot choice.

Weeee!! See what I saw and bought! The sandwich! Omg, I love the Japan sandwich!! Much sweeeeeeeet :D

 And this, Hokkaido cake. He bought for my mom :D

Alright, this is the next round and chilled at Beer Factory@Kota Damansara. Hahaha, just chilled there few hour then back home. Is a simple celebration with bro and friend :)

Is DJ JHAO in the house! Peace up.

I'm just showing off again my special present from my love :D
I really like this :D Thanks hubby Fooi <3