Saturday, May 1, 2010

Labour Day 1/5

Flash mob ! i'm coming

so angry that the monorial !!
12.18pm i reach titiwangsa station
bundle inside 1 hour
just reach raja chulan
keep delay
what what system problem
wait the lamp change to green colour

really beh tahan
i need rush to time square
1pm already start the 1st flash mob
i missed!
and my friends was waiting me !

i cannot bundle inside the train
i want sit taxi and go time square
walk walk walk
i'm going to reach third station
i follow the monorial train way
i dun know what station
i walk until there only got TAXI !!

when reach Time square
call fei lou..jason and brickson
yea.. reach there already going to 2pm
i'm so "lucky" today
saw ah

the second flash mob is starting
all freeze at the time square
***i'm sweating***

i got it !
R16 !!!
i'm coming~XP

after that
i go floor 6
i go to showroom
but didn't open
maybe go lunch
i saw jack is looking around the showroom too
he just back from perverse
just stand around there talking with my friends
gonna meet yiiiyiii
he so cute

see this sakai..
what he doing

supra !!
supra + adidas + avia

went to sungai wang
go perverse 8 awhile
then go floor 6
lim teh with jason and brickson
the fei lou go watch the dancing competition
around 5pm++
going back
monorial full..
labour day
no luck today

the end

Friday, April 30, 2010


Early in the morning
the sky already cloud
look scary
i feel that today cannot perform
hahaha ! =X

when fetch my bro going to school
already rain..
when i reach school

but after a few minutes
the sky look good !
maybe somebody so "BLACK" our group
cannot perform

see~ the good weather
i can take picture with Er tim~~
sure is someone kaka caucau XP

is boring in school
after PJ back my class
then take picture with my friend ~

this guy look like YES
but really look like ~

after school
went to pizza
for celebrate with my team

the end

Monday, April 26, 2010

IR's night

Damn nervous
when i watch back my video
i feel so sad...
because i cannot do well
too nervous
i though i can enjoy the stage

next time will be good !
keep practice !
thanks my friends come to support me !
i love you friends !