Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Thailand - Betong
3Days 1night

9.45pm++ we are waiting the bus come this station and fetch us to Thailand !
is quite long =______=

finally ..
the bus is come
faster choose a sit
and faster fall in sleep
but cannot =_=
the guide keep talking
around 2am++ i'm going fall in sleep
the guide ask us to wake up and take supper
we're reach in ipoh
and take our supper in makmak store

after finish our supper
need continue our travel
the guide give us the white paper
is go to Thailand

Yea quite excited
in the buskeep thinking what i want to buy in Thailand
and i cannot text with my lemon already =_=
so sad

early in the morning
reach Thailand
damn tired ! sleep in the bus
really feel no goodthen guide bring us go visit temple
keep visit temple

finish few temple
we sit a lorry ? bus ?
i don't know how to say the transport
and fetch us go to the mountain

i don't know how long i reach there
because i fall in sleep in the "bus"
finally reach the mountain
you can see the fog around there

when night
there are rain
and strong wind
soooo scary

is the time to say good night XP
hahaha !
wan an!

early in the morning
7am morning call
finish breakfast
and go "watch" flower
yea ~ there got many nice flower

bla bla bla bla bla
around 5pm++ we already reach Ipoh
going back!
woooo !
around 10pm reach home
faster go bath
faster go oioi !
hahahahahaha !


can see copy this link
to see my pic in betong !

nothing can write XO
sorry ><

peace up