Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Bei Day

10-12-2012, 7.30 pm
Tak Fok Hong Kong Seafood Restaurant@Desa Aman Puri, Kepong

I had my earlier celebration with my lovely family, they knew that I love eat seafood and last time daddy birthday also went here to have our dinner. 15th is my younger brother birthday, so that our celebration is together! My parents already reserved the table if not we went late got no place to sit. And the prices are reasonable and their foods are good, especially the crab and lobster!

 Sorry for the bad picture.

This cake ordered by my lil sister! She told me this panda cake not only the birthday date same with BigBang member's Seungri and also the eyes are same with me. OMG, but this cake really cute and nice!

Naughty younger brother's hand push my face. HAHAHA, Happy family :D 

11-12-2012, 1pm
Namoo On The Park@Publika

I like to been here, because of the environment and the foods are very nice. I like korean food so much since I was in high school. I still remember that after class dismissed, me and my bff  Er have tuition class. We love food and always think about where to have our lunch, I like to went Daorae but last time she not really like korean food. But I love, korean food some are very spicy like kimchi, some food are very light and healthy!

Back to the topic, actually my boy already planned with my college classmates and he said he need to go Publika to take something. He really naughty! After we ordered the food, while waiting I saw few peoples came to me and hold a small cake with candle and sang birthday song. I get shocked and "why they are here?!" This is my first surprise seriously, and my tears keep drop drop drop..... Thanks my lovely friends to planned this surprise to me and my naughty boy!

Thanks the present :D I like the Royce! :D

12-12-2012, 1.30 pm
Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant@Kepong

Seriously, I went to few korean restaurant. I most like to been here and their foods are delicious than others. Maybe I haven't try more great one, but I like this more than others. After woke up I just felt like long time didn't have a korean cuisine, and I asked my lil sister to accompany with me to have lunch. SHE TREAT ME!

12-12-2012, 8pm
Gobo Upstairs@Traders Hotel, Kuala Lumpur.

We were planned to the romantic place, like Marini's 57 but there really full on that day. We had changed our plan, and do some research. I felt not that bad here, and the services are great.

There have served a small bread with truffle butter while waiting our dishes.

Our order lobster bisque, boyfriend told that this very famous here. I love this :D

After the meal finished, boyfriend ask me to go toilet because like we gonna leave here. When I went back and have a seat, I get shocked because the I saw a waiter took the plate with a candle and said "Happy Birthday! " Awwww, boyfriend said I would like this cake! Because is brownie with ice-cream! You are so lovely :D I LOVE YOU! ***touch***

 This is the gift and surprise he gave me, I told him I like the present handmade and give heart to do. This small canvas I asked him to buy and design to me! And this little girl actually is me, last time I sketch and gave him, he lost it. I felt sad but the moment he gave this thingy to me! I was like "why this here?!" So lovely and sweet present! Noted that the little girl wearing boy london tee! Hahahhaa, actually he photoshop it all the on the little girl! And the small heart shape is he cut one by one!! Thank you lovely hubby, thanks everything you gave me! I Love you so muchhhhhh!