Friday, September 3, 2010


Ze Jun
still want to say
Happy Birthday !!!

sorry about the bottle ^^

After finish school
me and Shu Hong busy do the En.Lim's farewell perform
so sad about the perform
we love "En.Lim"
muahahaha !
and thank you ! Pn Low !! thanks your help !
after that,
mum reach school and fetch Shu Hong back home ^^

need to call daddy about the new house's stuff
1st time i order the light in new house !
teeehee !
actually is quite tired
non-stop everyday

i LOVE my new house XP

i need you
every hug
you make me
fall in love

Thursday, September 2, 2010

In conjunction with Merdeka & Malaysia Day 2010, CausePlay is organizing a Merdeka Flash Mob (M10).

Date: Sept 16th, 2010
Day: Thursday (Public Holiday, so you have no reason NOT to come! :P)
Venue: Intersection of Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur
...Time: Briefing at 4pm (Location to be revealed later), event at 5pm
Duration: 5 minutes

Gig: Freeze with the following props:
(1) Small Jalur Gemilang,
(2) Big Jalur Gemilang,
(3) face-painting,
(4) cap/hat/T-shirts representing the Malaysian flag colour

Come and join us for a very meaningful activity!
Let's heat it up !



I miss you...

cannot wait you finish your practice
tired liao ><
hope you don't mind
always say wait you but
always fall in sleep

I'm sorry
i cannot go to watch your perform
remember record down yea
GOOD LUCK in your perform
all the best ^^

i love you♥