Friday, December 30, 2011


Hellow Thursday! The Malacca one day trip! Weeeee, have a long time didn't go there, I miss chicken rice ball so much! Around 1pm, we just reached here! And let's go to find the restaurant to have our lunch.

The way to the restaurant.

Tadaaaa, we reached! Omg, long queue...

Yeap, this is where we have our lunch. YUMMY!

Wait for half an hour! Finally.....

Hahaha, so tasty! I really really really like it :P

Guess what I found! See! All made by tin... OMG, so awesome work I never meet. I-Style Melacca which located at Jonker Street. Have a look there, if you pass by :D

We lazy to wait and queue a long queue, so we random choose a shop to have cendol and ABC!

 So random picture :P
Our next station is here! Nadeje Cafe which located at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka. The point why come here caused of the food, layer cake and the spaghetti.

 OMG, I really no idea on this drink.

The Malacca trip were end here. Buih buih~~~

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve@Beer Factory

This is my first time to attended the party, Merry Guinness Countdown. Is very fun with friends :) Luckily DJ JHAO reserved 2 tables for us and we really enjoyed! Let's see the pictures yesterday night, I'm feel sleepy now and tired.... Huuu

They rock all the way there! Peace.

 My elder sis and her lovely bff, Abigail.

 Jun with his gang!

 My college classmate.