Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tiger Music Asian Festival 2012

The Music Asian Festival 2012 by Tiger! Seriously, me first times went to concert! Actually I cannot wait to listen Jam Hsiao and Mc Hotdog. Don't know, peoples are because LMF but me just because Jam and Hotdog! Woooooo :D I freaking happy because finally I heard he sang "王妃" the one I most love! 

Alright, me and hubby went to Sunway Pyramid early and we want to stand near the stage! We had our  brunch at delicious. Sooooo hungry.

Around 4pm+ me and hubby went to the main entrance and saw a lot people queue up!
6pm something we already ran inside stand by! Everyone are ran inside, OMG!
Random pictures when waiting the concert start! 

Finally!! The concert began! The first, Beyond! They bring us some memories, although I not really know the lyrics but I also know sing their song!

 A Lin from Taiwan. Pretty face pretty nice legs. :D

Manhand rock the night too :D

Awwwwww, Jam Hsiao!!! Weeeeeeeeee~~~ Handsome face and handsome hair, "karipok" head :D

Ah Yue from Taiwan.

Weeeee, Mc Hotdog! 

The last! LMF. For me is the last, because I need back early. My legs gonna break into half! Hahahahah, stand a whole day!

Here is some part of video, have a look :D AND CIAO, I feel sick already. :(