Monday, September 12, 2011


Yeap, is time to blog now ;) Blog about yesterday! "Moon cake eve", have a lot fun there. First, I met up my bff (Er) there. Because she wanna Cherries-Berries costume made a hairband and hair pin, stay tuned! I will blog it. Nice service you know :) Of course, I had my lunch at Desa Park City.

Around 6pm, wanna chilled at Rachel's house. Let's burn her house!! I'm just kidding larh. We only burn lantern! See what I'm doing! A cute cute old style car! Like wedding car :x

Rachel's mom very nice, she let us drove awhile. Hahahaha! We one by one to drove this car, cute experience!

And see what I saw! A puppy look like a ball ran in the house! She is a baby Poodle, keep running running**

Enjoyed the dinner and moon cake!! Thank a lot ;)

Is WE again.

Let's go burn lantern!

This is my cute lantern! Mickey!

Yeap Yeap, mention something! The locol brand MNRCHI ! Rachel and Derek are rocked the tee! Support locol brand! Peace :) 

-The End