Thursday, November 24, 2011


Why I will share this thing to you guys, because is DJ Noodles come to Malaysia! How bad I cannot go Penang, but but! You can! You know what? DJ Noodles is the first FEMALE FINALIST in DMC History (very proud of girl), she also has performed with many well known legendary acts, DJ Q-Bert, Steve Akoi, DJ Kentaro and many other DJ!. Is quite long time she in this life, I mean she started to come out performed since from 2003. She is cool right! Alright, how to get it? Xpax facebook to become a fan and get your FREE passes now! 

Official website - DJNoodles
Facebook - DJNoodles
Follow her - DJNoodles
Youtube - djnoodlestw

DJ Noodles Mix on soundclod

Mainstream& Mash Up

Electro beats

*For booking,

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Wedding Dinner 19/11

Hellow! This is my outfits to attend my bbf's sis LeeChin wedding dinner. This is my second times to attended wedding dinner. Is felt quite nice be invited. 
My outfits: 
Outwear - MNG
Jumpsuit - Cotton On
Sneakers - CLOT x adidas Star Wars HothSkateHigh
Accessories - earing from Da Louis (I LOVING IT)
                   - necklace from friend 
                   - G-shock
                   - envelope from

Here is the place which located at Kepong Manjarala, it's hug I mean there have 106 tables! My bff's family really big! My table number is 91st, can you imagine how hug is that.

My bff, Er. She wore a long dress, looks nice!

Have a long time didn't meet up!

 *can imagine how huge are her family members!*

Sorry about just upload some pictures, because I need to rush my homework!!! My god......
Here's the short video on the dinner. Peace up.