Friday, September 2, 2011

The first day of September

Finally! I'm here, I coming home~ coming home. Yeap, today is first day of September. That mean I had leave my part time job at Mutiara Damansara Tesco. Happy!! Last few days, my college friends create a private activities in Desa Park City. *The private activity was chilling in the Rachel's house*. What a good brother fetch his pretty sister to friend's house. Rock the Mnrchii tees today with Jun! Check this local brand on facebook now peoples!!

The first thing reached friend's house is find Tessie, I know she miss me also :) She very happy when saw me! Hahahahaha *face skin thick*

Actually I quite like her room here as you can see that. Miao~~~ Nice one.

Yea yea, chilled in the k-room! I love sing actually :) I know this picture show like I'm beatboxing ==. DIET please BEI! You're getting chubbier and chubbier, soon you will become fatty!!! Around 6pm something, we need to do other exercise, badminton! I have a long time didn't play it! Sorry for wearing the tee to play badminton!! Dont try this peoples!

Look like relax,  but the "photographer" was walking back home, you're so gentlemen! So sorry! Because not enough bike :x Thankiew for snap XD

Wooohooo, dinner time! How nice was that, one day trip.

After dinner, we had our desert also. Got the feel! Feel wanna celebrate the Moon cake festival, like drink tea eat moon cake chit chat there. Nice feel and relax! I cannot wait to blog it soon about the next activity! 5th of September, college start... Hope can enjoy the first few weeks! I don't think will feel easy like first sem, is getting harder! My god, bless me please....