Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Nice right =) I mostly love this photograph. It feel warm and sweet <3

Yes =) I received the "red Boom" from my friend <3>
Because when she form4, I still remember.. that time is April fool and she say she gonna marry =X Forsure we cannot believe her right? because is april fool..
YEAP!! She get married =) on 14th March. I'm glad to be invited to attend her wedding dinner.
We so respect her =) always attend earlier. Hahahahah!! That's mean respect meh? XP Behind me is my partner, Kuek. My face is quite chubby!! T.T
The wedding dinner at Kepong Manjarala.

Yeap, always 4 of us tall fella =) All my Bff. Lucky leh =X We use our heart to treat each other <3 color="#ffff00">Keep In Touch yea friends. Peace!!

Seriously... Wei, we support you always and please don't easy give up. We wish you happy always and enjoy your life <3