Sunday, January 8, 2012


My grandma from mom side, she ask us celebrate her daughter(my mom) birthday earlier as we can because my elder sis gonna back to AUS. This is what my elder sis cook for that night. My mom was very shocked why her birthday can earlier more than 3 weeks. Hahahaha, mean about a month! But have no choice, my elder sis cannot make it on her birthday and CNY.

The potato salad.

 This is Korea glass noodle.... I think so.. Hahaha, very very nice!

 My lil bro and mom.

 My elder sis and mom.

 Yea lah, is me and mom.

Knew from the fb, everyone knew the Pavilion have a new decoration right? A huge dragon floating at the center of Pav. My elder sis wanna have a look there, and snap some picture.

Around 8pm we reached Dutamas which is near Hartamas. Got a new building there, facing the houses. And we have our dinner there! Yeap yeap! Eco Ichi. I love the environment inside and felt relax. Food also nice and good service. Will back to there :D

 I love this ice-cream! Taste so fresh you know!!! :P

The day reached and my mom very lovely, know that elder sis cannot make it during CNY, so she cooked some dish like CNY. What a good mommy~

 After the dinner, we need to go airport. Around 8pm something reached there and my sis 9pm++ need to enter the gate. Yea, of course we very not willing to.

 The family picture.

 Her bff! Abigail.

Yea, did you see that? Chanel. Maybe for some people just a small matter. Hahaha, but for me. It's so huge for me. I never think my 21st present is Chanel ear ring. Maybe this wear on me people think is fake one! HAHAHA! My elder sis told me she cannot attend my 21st birthday and she bought my present earlier too. I will save money go visit you soon sis! Must wait me!