Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Valentine's Day. Actually I quite scare Valentine, because need to think go somewhere then plan. Very lazy to plan and think where to celebrate. Seriously, this is my first time celebrate Valentine's Day. LOL, don't laugh on me. But so lucky, my hubby don't really cares Valentine. Just a simple plan, like shopping then dinner. Hahahaha! Early in the morning, need to wake up and get prepared. Because I need to go TGV@Sunway Pyramid. Guess what why I'm there. My college, The One Academy like to do some activity inside the cinema, so glad I'm studying there. But got a lot of assignment. Alright, they won't let us watch the new movie, they just like to choose the most can learn from that movie. What's thing? The interior, the building. Yeap, I'm study Interior Design. One of my favorite, activity in the cinema!

Around 2pm, we went to the Ben's@Pavilion. A famous western restaurant. My first time went there, the environment not bad and quite relax. After that went to in front of Star Hill, all selling cosmetic things! I looking for the Urban Decay Naked series. So sad, out of stock already! After that, we WALK to KLCC. Hahahhaa, got a new bridge. SO TIRED!

After the KLCC, went back to Pavilion! I forgot to bought a case, for my school use! So cute right?! Thanks hubby <3 He knew I find a nice case for put my marker! Awwww, I LIKE IT!

Almost 7pm, hubby bring me to Caffeiness. Also my first time went there. I like the interior, feel warm and vintage. But we reached there, the indoor places are full. No choice, had to sit outdoor.

 I'm enjoyed the Valentine's Day, but one thing. I don't like wait food, because of Valentine the restaurant cannot rush too many food. What a expensive dinner I ever ate. My red wine and what soup. Now I only realize what is on the menu and which food haven't come on my table. But never mind, I told my hubby I will cook for him when Valentine, don't want go out have lunch. Or else need go somewhere good service. My brother told me he very enjoyed his Valentine's Day, he went to Victoria western restaurant. Maybe next year plan to there? Hahhaha. Alright, is time to sleep now. This semester gonna end, sound so good. But actually everyday need rushing assignment!!! OMG!  Good luck and all the best!