Thursday, June 17, 2010


Tour Food Hunt 2

early in the morning
we gather in Kuek's house
and sit ktm go to Kuala Lumpur station

we having our breakfast in Petaling Street
when 10.20am +
we already reach Center Market
and we are waiting the "leader"

around 10.50am + only start
the weather is hot man...
keep sweat-ing x10

our group
-nelson ( feel like all the game he is playing only (= eat..think..test..what he also can do~***clap clap***)
- hong ( spy )

thanks his help !

wow... around 1pm i think
we gather in the "jin yu" there
and waiting the result ^^

is a nice activity ^^
just enjoy the "trip"
anyway ^^
got a good experience ^^

after that
finish the "trip"
me n er go bought slipper wear
because our foot quite pain

Me n Er are going to Sungai Wang to having our lunch
we choose the Bowl
when go inside
feel the environment not bad
but the place is so small
try to change other table
but full
hungry hungry

this is what we order
maybe see in the picture is nice
not nice laR..

never mind
is ok
then ..
we take train back home
5.00pm ++ only
already full in KTM
omg =__________+

i hate ktm

when reach home
very very tired
faster go bath and sleep
weeeeeeeee ^^

good night ^^