Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Year 3 Sem 1

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I'm so agree design students are not easy to be. When I graduated from high school, I never know that design is not easy to study. For example like me, studying Interior Design and what I was think is like... Oh, decorated the dining, paint the wall, choose the marble for the bedroom. Is totally not that easy and not cheap for taking this course. 

From the 1st step (Year 1 Sem1) until now (Year 3 sem 1), I realize I'm improving but the stress is more than more than what I cannot expect. This is a good thing, learn something from the stress. I'm so happy have my boyfriend always support me and help me. Actually at the first semester, my parents are not agree and let me taking ID course. What they think don't have stable job, hard to find job or anything. They will push me to study business or account. I believe almost parents are think like that.

I try to do more, hardworking to show them I can. Of course the first year they just keep ask me drop and always argue with them. I don't have maid, so as their kids we have to do household and take care the younger one. When I busy with my assignment I have no time to do the household then = no helping my mom. It was horrible almost one month once. Then no talking with mom almost a week. Every month continue the same happened, I really cannot "tahan" the feeling. Need do assignment need do household. Seriously I always want to be a supergirl. So that I can do all that thing with my speed.

Until this semester, Year 3 Sem 1. Finally we not in fight, She saw me improving a lot and everyday work late. Seriously this sem I put a lot afford inside, but the result is not what I want. What I feel happy is my result from the year 1 until now, my result CGPA is increased. Don't try to look down the poor and naughty students when in high school or even in pymind . I admit when in Secondary school serious naughty and poor students, even got black list. Failed every subject, bully teacher make trouble and so on... That time my mom really disappointed on me.   

The new semester gonna start, really shock saw the time table. Class on Monday to Friday! OMG, I really wish I can get at least an A-... Hrmm... Need put more and more afford on it... I will try my super best! 

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