Sunday, February 5, 2012

4/2 One day "trip"

First, wanna say bye bye to lovely CNY. After Monday is become normal day, no more celebration! And no firework around... Sound so sad, hahaha. Cannot collect angpao already! :x Hrmmm, nevermind... Must work hard and save money, is what all of you should did. Hahahaha! Back to topic baby, did you see my hair got part is curly? Just share with you, so funny.. Early in the morning after I shower and I make up, my door wasn't close at all and my dad pass by my room then he came in. He watch me make up then he said : "Ehhh, don't make up so heavy, put this put that, later remove make up is not like you. Very fake eh.". Then I done my face I need dry my hair, when curl the hair my dad came in again and ask me don't curl, he said is time to go, keep rush me..... Then became like that. == OMG.  

 Oh yea, because my dad need fetch me to friend's house. So rush me! Hahaha, I reached my friend's house she still sleeping, and I knocked her door she was blur and keep "shit shit shit". Because she late.. HAHAHAH. :X

While waiting she done and need to go Klang have our breakfast! Yeap!!! BKT!

 This is soup BKT.
Not really nice, but better try dry BKT here.

 First station, Klang.

 Second station, my home.

 Wondering why I changed my clothe right? Because they force me to change and match them.

 Third station, Taman Bukit Maluri.

 Forth station, Desa Park City.

 And this is what we like to do. HAHA, SING K!

 Yeap, after I saw my bro text me about the egg can stand. I had tried this at my friend's home. So cute! First time did! Tadaaaa! In Chinese people called "li chun" mean egg can stand.

In the K room.

 After that had our dinner at near by friend's home. Is last station. DPC too.

After that, they want back to sing K, but I already felt very tired almost out of battery! I called my bro to crab me back :) Sorry friend, really cannot tahan. HAHA, Happy Chinese New Year. What I wish in my new year is earn a lot money! Then go trip :P buy clothes buy mask, because my skin so dry need take care already... Peace :D All the best!