Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Days...

Hey guys, I'm back! Recently is quite busy, I got no time to blog it. Forgive me! Yeap, the Showdown Fest 2011 in One Utama, Old wing parking. Is big event, but I leave at 5pm something and I need to rush to Time Square. So, have a look here :D

 The graffiti competition.

 Beatbox workshop!

On the way to Time Square. Playing DSLR in the car! 

6pm something reached Time Square, there got a small event at 10th floor. Around 9pm something I leave KL back to home! Hahaha, what a short blog I type!! Sorry about that, everyday do my home assignment, prepare the assignment and so on. For sure, I need to done it well. Always post "work hard" on my facebook. It advice me to do more better and try my best to done all the thing. I know that, I'm weak in everything and stress help me to learn more. And everything will be OK!

Oh yea, the photoshooting picture will upload soon. Actually this for my subject presentation, is 20% mark. Of course I hope can get high mark! So I find 2 models for do the photoshooting for promote the product. It's something advertising presentation, I really hope can do it very well! This Thursday, is the presentation day! Stay tuned! I will upload that day pictures soon! Special thank the models and Chin piang piang the person gave me many many help! Of course, thank my group "members"!


Monday, October 3, 2011


Just for Him. I like the way he talk to me, I like the way he text me, I like the way he treat me, I like he hold my hand, I like he hug me, I like he give me warm always, I like his everything. I Love the way he Love me.