Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Semester Breakkkk!

Hellow peoples!! I'm back, guess what? I'm having sem-break now! Finally got time to blog, fiewwww...
Hahaha, just show the picture! See, all look so happy because this is the last mock-up in this semester!
Muahaha, and finally we done it that day. Why I said so? Because this mock-up had took about 4days? Yea, I think is just 4 days. Few of them are superman can do the mock up since evening until next day morning. CRAZY MAN! Can see who are the superman! I'm not the superman, but near only :P

Hrmmm, having break now. 2months break time. I NEED JOB! I NEED MONEY! Because end of April gonna fly to Thailand! Weeeeee, really cannot wait!