Friday, April 29, 2011


Yeap, this is what i attended yesterday! Peace peoples. Around 8pm something we arrived Sunway Giza, 17 Saloon. Quite many peoples there... Awwooo, 1st time to attended this kind of party, kinda excited! The ticket list outfits "street wear" to attend, but I saw few peoples streetwear only. My god, really disappointed =( I thought can meet many street wear fever there.

The party MC here, One fm Suki and Max.

Kinda bored when stay there how long. We just go out to opposite Sunway Giza the mamak store to drink something. Oh yea, Me and Jun ordered the "teh-o-ice limau"; Jaz and Tallen ordered the "teh-o-ice". The picture is showing peoples the half of lime is RM0.20 LMAO! Sorry for a stupid picture showing here X) Jaz is waiting Bee Man's call and we only back to there. Really bored stay there X( Of course chit chat there felt that thirsty. I forgot what the name called, sorry. I just remember on the bottle is write "larger". Is that a larger bottle?

Manhand's turn to perform there. They make the party high seriously, all enjoyed their song =D Especially "Latidor", almost all the peoples can sang! Rock the party!! Respect =)

Von is pretty =D She got a long legs and thin X)

Bee Man.

Ouh yea, this is Baki. My mom like him! Seriously, he is cute! You can catch him on 8t.

After the Manhand's perform, around 10pm something we CIAO. After that guys have their supper at MCD. Around 11pm something just reached home! The end =)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I'm so sorry for late blog it much =( Caused of my pc got problem and the maxis boardband! My god... When the TM can make it to me, i need Unifi a lot =( Well, let's back topic... Today!(24/4) Finally I can gathered with my bffS, freaking excited because our last gathering is CNY season. A bad news is one of my bffs didn't attended this time gathering. Chill man....
Alright, around 2pm I gonna to meet my bff which is wanna do nail art =) Of course, I won't let myself boring at there, and I just do simple polish on my leg nails. Wow, the staff still got help me massage leg and moisture it,seriously... This is my first time to enter the nails shop X) Don't laugh me please, I'm not so girlish like FEMALE. I'm sorry LMAO.
This is what her nails, really bling*.* of course nice lah! Spend 3 hours to make the nails art. Could you? For me, NO!

After that, back her house play "Barbie doll". Uhhh? I'm just kidding X) Still early lah! "Lepak" inside her room. Around 5pm just start to make up and change our outfits, then go crab one of my bff! Kuek. He is paint of king, he know the paint well now!! Who wanna buy paint go ask him. X)
Around 7pm something, let's go to have our dinner at Jalan Ipoh some shop called Scrummy, which is Jalan Ipoh batu 3.5, behind Subway. The price not so expensive, best choice... "Jeng"!

After the dinner, still early.. felt wanna to The Curve, but sien X) Nevermind lah, back Beibei's house better. Last 2 days I cooked "Apple tong shui" and I keep for them, I put inside the freezing more "Jeng"!
Kuek said he likes my Bibo, he very nice to hug. YEAP! The pic is me and Bibo, why i named it as Bibo, caused of my dogy called Bobby. X)

Just found something interesting in my bedroom. Guess what this? Everyone wore that before right, when you're a small baby!

And I quite miss this thingy, It's my first performance. Peace..