Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! What you celebrated with you Mom? No matter what, every mother are the same. Love us, teach us from the wrong to the correct. My mom is a quite serious person but she is very funny person too, many friend like talk with my mother because she is cute. So glad she safe me when in secondary school life. I know almost everyone would naughty and rebel at that few years. Just like me, always did the stupid thing as normal like to skip class, didn't bring any book to school, always break down the law at school never thought wasted the time and money.

 If I never scared my mom, I cannot imagine what's my life going on. Seriously, at that time you will never felt your mom's love. But now, you can feel it. Yea, I always argue with her but at the end she is still your mother. Maybe me got little bit different with some people, she want us to learn many thing such as cooking, do household like normal what maid will do. She not want us to be a maid, she just want us to be independence. That's why always said wanna be a super girl, because I still cannot be so independence. But what they need? They just want their child be a good person, kind person and study well. Yea, every parents will think that too. You will never know the feeling to be a mother or father. That feeling until you really be the parents of the child.

Alright alright, last year me and brother had prepared the dinner. But this year we want steamboat! See what we bought.

Bought Cabtree & Evelyn for mother, now they having very cheap promotion! Must go buy something for yourself!!! The best choice of fragrance, lotion and shower gel! I like the smell, not even one only. Of course cannot less the present Famous Amos for grandma from mother's side. I know she love cookie :D

How you celebrated with your mother??

The End.