Saturday, May 7, 2011

The party!

Hey hey peoples! Can you see me on the pic? ( althought is small ) YESHH... This is my first perform at Maison, and thanks Banghoux  to give a chance. Much THANKS! You can check it out at Facebook( Event page )

Wow... It would be a good night!

Seriously... I'M FREAKING NERVOUS AND SWEATING!!! Why I say so?! Caused of my stupid brain, urghhh... my brain still empty about what I should perform! Yea yea, practice more and more. I always beatbox in the bathroom ( yea, all the beatboxer will do that! Peace ) or when facing the mirror. Btktktkbk! Oh my GOD, please give me idea! I worry I will become a soft crab on the stage =(. Pray to me please...... HAHAHA! CHILL...... By the way, come to support me and enjoy the party!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Guess what, I reached the Sepang beach which is near by the Morib beach called Gold Cost Beach. Around 10am something, so the weather not serious hot. Some more there still doing some renovation around the resort, and we found some cute hut there! Check it out my next photo =D ( note my this photo, my hand is holding my iphone, mean I really lost it on the beach.. )

So cute right? Inside the hut i think can stay 9 peoples there. No need worries X)

Seriously, I like the beach with the sky feel peace. Caused of the ebb tide, so in front there very empty and what I could see is on the beach got many many small crab runing X) I think you guys should know what I say. Tadaa! See.... the crab just look like ant X)

When I back to the hut, I just saw they are playing poker card there. Maybe the resort's restaurant got nothing can eat =( After that they drew something on the beach..........

" IPhone"
" Jiayii your IPhone here"

Urghhh... What can i say? R.I.P my iphone. Well, back to the topic and we are searching crab!

Jun found a "ikan bilis" I think, he took back the hut and show my mom.. " wanna cook? " @@

Around 4pm something, we chill up some sea food restaurant to have our dinner. Sorry for didn't snap some food, because I'm freaking hungry!! Yumm yumm~ "JENG". We ate the asam fish, sotong, sayur baku, shark, "wut put" and prawn. Just only Rm160+ something, cheap and nice~

Weeeee! Back home!!! =D I think my hands are darker! See...... Luckily my face won't!
When reached home is around 6pm something, WHAT A GREAT LABOR'S DAY...
Who wanna sponsor me =( pity me....