Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's day!

Happy Mother's Day peoples!! 
Huuu.. Early in the morning, my mum wake me up. Sweet, she really seldom will wake me up with soft! Hahaha. What a great morning... Around 8.30am something, me bro and mom reached the Kepong Baru pasar. Wow, the auntie uncle all jam inside the pasar @@. Crazy........ We came late?! Alright, of cause we won't stay there for long! Weather is freaking hot!!
Something 9.45am+ , we are chilling at Manjarala some DimSum restaurant have our breakfast! YEsh... finally can rest awhile. Finish our breakfast then back home prepare something first! Mom bought many TouFu Fa and put inside the freezing already! I love it..

Seriously, we non-stop to prepare the dinner we wanna cook. Skip skip skip**** Finally!! This is what we (me and bro) cook for Mother's day! She really happy and I can SAW it. =)

 I don't know what the dish called, but cooked by my bro Jun. Inside the pork is ham and cheese.

 This cooked by my mom, the design is cute right.. Jun make it like a tree, and this called "Gai Lan" in Cantonese.

 Hahaha! This cooked by me! Crab crab crab!! =)

 This cooked by me too!! Guess what is this, you can order this from BBQ Plaza also X)

 Prawn, cooked by Jun. Look nice leh! The middle salad made by me! X)

 This is Thai's food, I forgotten what the dish called but I know is Thai's salad. Spicy!! And you can saw many onion on the food X)

 Cooked by mom! Pork....

Hehehehe, What a GREAT dinner I ate!
After that, we all chilling at the living room. Then I hided the bag with a eco bag under the sofa she always near there! She was surprise when she saw a black eco bag! Hehehe, I can saw the beauty smile on her face... I know she wanna keep it nicely. But, Mom.. Use it lah! Your replica Gucci can throw already, so old + spoiled! Then I just exchange the bag with her! She only want use this bag! Hahahaha, what a cute mom I got. This is the bag I gave her, Polo.

Don't misunderstand, the paper I stocked on the eco bag one! Just wanna snap it and share with you guys! X) I did it to my mom when Mother's Day, what you did to your mom? By the way, Mom.. I love you.. I know I always make you worry, I hope our family can always happy like this (although is everyday also happy like this), I hope it would be forever! Muack..