Saturday, October 15, 2011

The A|X 20th Anniversary Event

Yeap, peoples! I attended the Armani Exchange 20th Anniversary Event which located at KL Live. Why I'm there? My friend, Rachel she get place 7th in a competition from AX. The prize of that is one sun glass and be invite to their anniversary party may bring one more guest. I'm the guest she invited! Teeheee! The party is on last Friday night, after class i straight away follow her back home and prepare all the things.

This is my outfits and I know is the same dress same beg :x. I will improve to be more "girlish"! Hahahahaha!! Because I still wearing the G-shock.

This is the invitation card, looks cool!
Around 9pm something, we were reached the place! KL Live. So excited to enter the party!

Is that cute? The cupcake with on top A|XX logo.

More awhile, the event is started. All the models are stand on the "stage" and pose to us. They are professional, I like them. I thought this fashion show would be like a long stage and models will cat walk on that. Hahahaa, it's different. Have a look on here :D Oh yea, the Dj Xu from Lapsap spin at the night.

This two models are my favorite! They got many pose and pattern. They keep change the pose!! Omg, LOVE IT! One word, PROFESSIONAL !

Yeap yeap, the necklace is for enter actually. Look cool :D

Around 10.30pm+ We have to back home, is a good experience attended this kind of event. It's make me wanna be stylish already :x I love their models! Much thank Rachel!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

The days :D

Yeap, I just upload some pictures of photoshooting and presentation. A short blog.... 

This is my presentation day!! Really bought the Royce Nama Chocolate for presentation. Costly man... But nice chocolate, the one and only melting chocolate!