Saturday, November 19, 2011


Yeap, is still left 2 more weeks Imma gonna be freedom bird. But the 2 more weeks are not enough for do my final things! Exam + assignment + presentation, I cannot believe what's happen on tomorrow or maybe later? I learnt quite many new thing and felt stress. I poor in study, that's why I need to did a good job on others. But, on Thursday I did a very very very bad presentation. I cried not because I care the marks, I did a bad presentation I can accept what lecturer gave. The problem is, I cannot accept what I DID! I felt so sorry to my group members. I'm sorry. I will try my best and work hard on coming final presentation and assignment. And one more thing, I need to thanks my lovely supporter, he is always here with me, no matter how he still stand my here. I REALLY LOVE YOU SO MUCH! ♥