Monday, April 2, 2012

25, 31/3,1/4

 Hi, I just want to blog this after this event end. Yeap, the Beat Blast for Beatboxers to take part and got a mash up for beatboxer and dancers. This organized by E@Curve, co-organizer by Music Scene, official promo partner Jazz Star and In collaboration with BeatNation and TheMoveMint.

The judges, Jason Vandal, Coex, Shazet and Joel.

 1st April, Sunday is the final and congrats to Joneil get the champion, second is Ezra and third is Abeatc.
Yea, I happy with it and I watched the final. My feel was told me I need to practice more, and hardworking. I feel still stay at the place, never move. Hope can get more perform maybe can improve something else. Get more experience.