Friday, July 1, 2011

The Field Tip to Karangkraf

Hehehe! Actually this week is holiday, but but but also is ID *Interior Design* week. We need back to college join some activity. So, today we must attended this activities because we paid the bus fees... Although is 8bucks, but can enjoy the short trip with classmate =D. Alright alright, early in the morning all gathered at TOA's lobby which is called main entrance. Chilling there while waiting the bus coming, of course I got took some pictures!

This picture shown how excited we are! Actually is walking to the bus there, we can took the picture like this.

Yeap, we reached the place, Karangkraf! You can check it out at Karangkraf website. Actually this company is Malay group magazine. We gonna to check out their office and factory!

Yeap, this is their office. Is quite look like Cyber Cafe ><, but they really doing their work. And the office almost look alike. Quite bored XD

Yesh yesh, this is factory! So interested lah! I knew we're quite "sakai" never saw those machine before. I know you too right, but don't worry! I got recorded a short video! Hahaha!

We always took group picture! So nice!!!
Is the time to say Bye!!!

Here is the short video, just take a look =D

So sorry about the blog is short, actually I'm rushing the assignment! Mention that, the assignment gave by Jason! Hahaha, seriously I sure cannot do well. But try my best..... God blessss
Of course, stay tuned about blog tomorrow! I gonna blog my secondary school and the M-yo competition! Since I was 12 years old, if i no mistake... Imma yo-yo player man! But after they seldom chilled at Sunway Pyramid. But I didn't throw my yoyo =D Is Duncan's collection! By the way, stay tuned!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bunny pose!

Yesh yesh yesh!! Peoples! This is bunny pose and drawn by Mega. I like this! So cute I'm, LOL! You can check him out on facebook! Mega. Of course he can draw you with your bunny pose! But only girls =D Make sure snap a picture with clear! Post to 
So.... What you waiting for? Let's bunny together!