Monday, January 30, 2012

1 year 1 times Bff gathering.

Ahhhhh, have a long time didn't update my bloggg! CNY is a busy week seriously! My lecturer still gave us much assignment and homework! Very nice, all just rush for it only! Quite not enjoy after CNY, really need to add oil much much! YEap! Every year when during CNY we sure got a gathering. And this is 3rd year! Hope can until we old. :P Every year also gather in One Utama! Maybe is the most near place, and will watch CNY movie together. But this year we did not do that, caused of one of my bff got next round after our gathering. So got no time to watch together. Never mind, I can watch with my hubby :P.

First station visit Kuek's house, second is Er's house! The last but not least is my home! After that go to One Utama have our brunch together! We love sushi and we went to Sakae Sushi! One Utama really not bad, I don't like the other branch like The Curve. Others still nice :D 

 Awwwww! I like "lou sang"!! Really not bad, can try try!! I forgot the price, but is around RM16. for 2-3 person! Jeng*** Feel want to eat again :X  After our brunch, is the time SING K!! At Neway@One Utama. But the song maybe haven't update, all so old song.... I thought really nice... Now I feel that Red box nicer. :x

Totally scream inside the KTV. Maybe they are too stress. HAHAHA, don't kill me. Around 7pm something reached my home! Chu 7 is "people day", so mommy bought many kind of fish ball, bacon, and bla bla bla... Quite enjoy my Chu 7, but the pity thing is need rush my homework T.T Really OMG.