Friday, December 30, 2011


Hellow Thursday! The Malacca one day trip! Weeeee, have a long time didn't go there, I miss chicken rice ball so much! Around 1pm, we just reached here! And let's go to find the restaurant to have our lunch.

The way to the restaurant.

Tadaaaa, we reached! Omg, long queue...

Yeap, this is where we have our lunch. YUMMY!

Wait for half an hour! Finally.....

Hahaha, so tasty! I really really really like it :P

Guess what I found! See! All made by tin... OMG, so awesome work I never meet. I-Style Melacca which located at Jonker Street. Have a look there, if you pass by :D

We lazy to wait and queue a long queue, so we random choose a shop to have cendol and ABC!

 So random picture :P
Our next station is here! Nadeje Cafe which located at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka. The point why come here caused of the food, layer cake and the spaghetti.

 OMG, I really no idea on this drink.

The Malacca trip were end here. Buih buih~~~

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Eve@Beer Factory

This is my first time to attended the party, Merry Guinness Countdown. Is very fun with friends :) Luckily DJ JHAO reserved 2 tables for us and we really enjoyed! Let's see the pictures yesterday night, I'm feel sleepy now and tired.... Huuu

They rock all the way there! Peace.

 My elder sis and her lovely bff, Abigail.

 Jun with his gang!

 My college classmate.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

The shopping day :P

Hellowwww, early in the morning? Hmmm, no! It's just morning 11am. I thought can have breakfast at 8am, but failed! Luckily my boy woke me up 3 times, and I only felt wanna woke up from my sweet bed. Caused of yesterday night, my mind all about the furniture and decoration thing. The mind cannot rest, and took my sketch book for sketch some sample for myself. After that I was slept :)  

After the breakfast, thought where to go first. Yeap, One Utama. The place most near us and just let's go! See what I found! Garrett Popcorn is here! Which located at One Utama "old wing" Candylicious! Just near by PUMA, LEVIS, BOBBI BROWN... Easy can see where is it right.

Wooo, I bought the caramel. Because I like, my boy told me that this brand of popcorn is super nice and is the most high-class popcorn. Hahahaha, I thought the store only located at KLCC. I quite happy I saw this brand and I knew this from Chuckei's blog too. But you must try, is nicer than other brand. After bought I just walk around inside the Candylicious! Omg, felt that I'm still like a kid... Look at all the candy and chocolate, so full.... But quite unique thingy there! Have a look!

Sell with stick! So cute! Will try next time, but it look so colorful.....

I like the packaging! How vintage are that!

I think the candy and chocolate fans will fall in love at here. After that I saw a lot people queue up to buy the popcorn! Hahaha, luckily I bought earlier! If not...... I need to queue for so long. Alright, after that just stay at Coffee Bean to have some coffee and chocolate drink while discussing..

Then, just passed by a shop named Material. I saw the outlet at Fahrenheit 99 also. All product sell inside about recycle. And let see what I bought today! I really OMG and cannot believe I can bought this thingy back! Hahahahhaa. There also having SALE now! Super cheap after discount! Guess how much I spent?

The original price of the box is RM27, after discount 50%! The original price of the table lamp is RM80-90, I forgot already, but after discount 70%! Omg, how cheap are that. I just paid RM36 only! Go grab something there! Oh yea, and this CD. See who sent me this! One fm man! Last few days, I just bored and while listen the fm. And I joined a contest and very easy! I still can remember! Please type "SUNDAY NOEL" send to 33399! The first 10 lucky birds can get this! Hahahhaha, how lucky am I. I like this CD very much, all so slow Christmas song. Woooo, Thanks again!