Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bangkok 4days trip 2012

Yea yea! Finally I travel with my bff, Er. I still remember how I booked the flight ticket! Hahahaha, 6 months before she called me at midnight around 12am. I still remember I was sleeping and so blur to answer her call, she ask me want to join them to Bangkok for travel or not. Omg, first thing I think of my parents. Why, because they won't let me go far from house with friends. Every parents are same, they will worried there kids! HAHAHA, but this times I confirm to my bff on that day and after few days I told my mom I had booked the flight ticket! :x I thought she will scold me or what, she ask me paid everything by own then I go. Of course she knew Er is my bff and going with her bro n bro's gf. HAHAHAHA! But she help me paid the hotel's fees :) Lovely

Around 12pm in Malaysia time, in Thailand is 11pm. Arrived there and straight away to our hotel.

Yea, they have good service and this book will on table all intro the place where to hang out. No need worries about the travel.

 The view from my room.

Yea, everyday will free 2 bottles for 1 room. Once you ask maid clean the room. And swimming pool! No people swim also.HAHAHA.

 Let's talk about their food. Someone like to eat those pasar malam food, then u love here. HAHAHa, so sorry! Some of that are yummy, no need worry! Not really spicy also. Because of first times been here, what we saw and what we bought! Hahahaha, I mean food. So we know not really yummy.

 The fish quite good taste.
And their soup, rice, noodle or what else. They sure will add a lot sugar...... So sweet....

 Nevermind, after we had our lunch. We just walked to this mall, the shopping heaven! Platinum Mall! The place girls love! Like me! HAHAHAHA, yea.... The environment like Sungei Wang@Kuala Lumpur. But don't worry their wash room, is very clean and no smelly at all! This thing Malaysia should learn from them, I went there wash room and always clean and clean.
And actually this mall not allow peoples to take photo. I snap this photo before knew. Hehehehe.

 Intro you guys! Focus on 3rd and 2nd floor, a lot nice shit there!

 The second day, we went to Terminal 21.
We didn't buy anything at there, because no whole sale price! HAHAHA, I just enjoyed their interior and environment. Yea we took "LRT" to there, just like KL.

 The 7th floor, cinema. What's their special, different floor also different concept :D

 So huge so nice so relax.

 The view from there.

 The wash room! So nice right! Hehehehe :D
I like always go wash room when reached every floor.

 See what I found! BBQ plaza, chubby dragon!

 They wear like this, so nice. I hope I can work here also, can wear nice costume.

 Weeeee, and finally I ate pork burger from MCD! Nyek nyek.

This place like Petaling Street@Kuala Lumpur. I bought souvenirs from here, and they can give you cheaper price!

Mango Stick Rice.

 SOTONG!!! My favorite food.

 This place got a lot white peoples around there.

 Fried rice at Thailand is the best.


 The last day stay at Bangkok, we went to China Town have our early dinner. Really delicious!!!!!

Half of them are souvenir, and I don't think enough shop at there. Will back again! And WON'T BUY ANY SOUVENIR! I didn't buy bag and shoe at there, because quite expensive compare with KL. Yea, but some of that quality are good, but too expensive for me. I saw many nice bag and clutch, but over my budget.

How much I spent
Flight ticket - RM202
Hotel - RM230
Eat - RM200+
Shopping - RM1200+
Transport - RM100+ (because we took taxi)

What I regret is I didn't go Chatucha weekend supermarket. I didn't shop enough, I should bring huge luggage along.