Friday, June 12, 2009



When i sleep.....suddenly Isaac call my sister....
he said wan go college early today
so tired....

see the picture~~~quite funny~~
they will be at Time Square performance

finish practice dance
Ryan fetch sister and me go Pudu eat "yu tou miifun"


Thursday, June 11, 2009

No waste the time

going LRT station

8am already wake up
so tired...yesterday around 3am only sleep
9am going the LRT station ~~
waaa..many people are waiting the LRT

Around 10am reach IN HOUSE college
me and my sister are waiting friends

walao...then her friend told me Vinx Ling yi xin will come IN HOUSE college promote his song
and the......what singing competition also wan promote
she ask me to take the form to promote it
wow..again XP

is ok laR...i'm so good XP

after that , Isaac bring us go basement for practice the dance
hmm....i saw they dance i going pengsan
they look like no energy.....

hmm..and i ask them 1 by 1 dance and show me
they call me "sut" them
really look like teacher already

1pm we move to photograph room~~
i thought i saw my meetoto's friend

but...he look don't know who m i
but nvm la~thats not important

hahaha XP
then i go meet Goey
waaa...when i meet him....paiseh laR...
hahah XP
1st times meet net friend at college~
he look like teddy bear

quite cute

after practice the dance~
going rain
sure ran to LRT station back home~~
when back~~mumii call on~~
told me dinner at ampang LOOK OUT POINT eat ~


Sunday, June 7, 2009


happy ^^ because can skating ^^
although skating alone
yeah !! 12.18pm play until 4.45pm
haha ^^ happy laR...
When i'm skating i saw tiam siang ,zhi ping,li lun and mun hong call my name
i get shock..
after i finish skating~i go eat SHAKE sushi
finish my "mum mum"
Peipei call me , he say he reach Sunway already ^^
ok ^^ i go meet him~~he told me Tian sha got come too
but she is skating ~~
ok~~wait her come out~i wan see her~because i wan see leng lui`
waaa ~~when i saw her !! wow~~she is leng lui~~
"sot dou me"
funny ~~peipei saw tian sha~~follow her ~~
then saw they pak to liao~~haha
don't wan distrub them la ~~
so sweet ^^