Saturday, February 26, 2011


WooHooo =D This is what I wear today =) [ when try dress easy change back ma ] Haha!
YEAP!! I'm going buy DRESS!! So worry about that actually.. But Er is here~ She can give me idea.
When waiting she coming to crab me =]

Our BREAKFAST, Japanese dining <3

After that..Hahaha! We take hi-tea at Sushi Q =D Is nice~
[ Hungry already ma~ keep try dress dress dress dress XP and finally I bought a short dress from Kitschen, look polite =D Will show it when I attend my friend's wedding dinner. Stay tuned ]

First, I wanna to say Thanks to Steve lah =D Because he treat me n Er eat BBQ Plaza. Muahahaha!! Good uh you XP
Around 8pm + something, Er fetch me back home luuu =D
Thankiew !!!


Friday, February 25, 2011


Sole What WYSIWYG 3

Today is the first day and i reached there around 12pm++..
Yeap! I go with new friend =) Arren Tan. He ponteng school come here to crab his stuff!
Hahahaha! naughty boy..
This is the pretty girl queue in the line..
Soooo CUTE right!

After lunch, I need to back home.. Say bye to Yuei! Hahaha! She so pity, because need stay there until her boy end work~ After that, Tallen say that he fetch me back home =) THANKIEW leh!
No need sit TRAIN! But need crab my ill bro at Jalan Ipoh.. Hahaha! Thankiew so muchii Tallen =)
Why I will pose like this =( because today I didn't buy anything!! Hmm... Feel bad!
But I'm going to One Utama tomorrow with Er n Steve! Buy DRESS!!
So hard for me >< DRESS leh.. not TEE!! Some more I'm quite chubby.. I don't think I will buy a nice dress for attend friend's wedding dinner =(. But someone make me happy! WHy? Eric told me that I look thin already! Thankiew also!! Hahahaha !!

By the way, miss yea dear =) YUee Yueee XP


Thursday, February 24, 2011


My sistar was back to Australia. So that my life gonna be bored =( Seriously.
Early in the morning, finish housework... after take shower... prepare go out(follow mumii)..
back office.. help mum n dad.. around 6pm something...back home.. =|

Nervous about the SPM result, I wanna continue study =(
Pray for me please!! Hahaha!!!
I hope can perform and earn money =)
Now a days I keep on practice my beatbox.

peace <3


Around 2pm, our lunch time at Dengkil! Will pass by PutraJaya , is a old's building there.
I like eat prawn =) What you wanna order can add prawn XP Just order what you like to eat
We order this =) "招牌面"

Around 6pm+, we need to rush back home to take shower. Why? Because next round!
I'm so excited to eat Japanese dining! Wooohooo! 8pm+ something we reached the place =)

Jun is here =)
Match Ong n Stephy =)

hahaha ! So short my blog XP paiseh

peace up