Wednesday, June 1, 2011

my Candy Doll

Hey hey peoples! Wanna share something with you guys, recently the make up brand I'm using is the Japan's brand, Candy Doll. For sure, every beauty girls would like to check it out in the Popteen magazine! I knew this brand from Popteen =D. Readed the model comments, that's why I wanna try! I'm so exciting to crab more Candy Doll stuff! Teeheee.

This is the liquid foundation 02

 This is the mineral powder! Me likey this!

This is the highlight cream beige!

Let's Candy Doll!! GIRLS


Sunday, May 29, 2011


Guese what peoples! I bought a new baby Asus laptop! Thanks Momii =D Because lecturer ask us to buy a laptop, but I got no money buy Mac Pro. Althought now is SALE-ing, but this Asus enough for me and Interior Designer. I bought this laptop from my friend, Reeve Lok. He is working at Plaza Low Yat, he give me a cheap price! Who wanna buy laptop can find him! He is work at StarTec which is 2nd floor. Told him is Bei introduce! Say Hi to my new baby! (sorry behind the laptop is so messy)

After that, I just help it stick some sticker X) Who wanna donate me some sticker? Hahahaha...

Yesh, I got a own laptop!