Friday, July 22, 2011


What I can say is... SORRY! Blog late again =( Yea, here have a good news and bad news. First of the good news, my place area finally got the TM Unifi coverage! Really cannot wait to online deep deep! Second, my sem-break is coming soon! Seriously, I don't feel wanna take a rest =( I need more extra money! Any job introduce? Just 2 weeks and weekends. Thankiew so much! Third, I already booked the flying ticket to Thailand Bangkok! Woots woots! At April,2012 stay tuned peoples. Alright, turn to the bad news.... Hmm, final exam (Malaysian Studies/ Interior Technology & Material/ Language & Communication Skills) ,assignment (Guard house design) and presentation (Language & Communication Skills). Wooah, god bless me can handle =(.

Well, let's back to the topic. I was went to the Bon Odori with bro, sis and some friends. Take a look the pictures I uploaded!

Oh my god, can see my black circle around my eyes =(

This is the RM6.... Expensive and not tasty one ==

Er told me that the pose stand like this would look slim =D Good effect XD

Oh yea, rock the BGHX's tee that day =D Stay tuned at Banghoux!

Opps! This few pictures are so "sambat" as you saw =X By the way, after Bon Odori... We just chilled at Er's house! Enjoyed the BBQ dinner, and thanks her daddy! Uncle, you're so cute and thanks your lamb chop! So tasty lerrr!! Sorry didn't take some picture at there, too hungry =X.