Thursday, January 27, 2011

TRESemme Moisture Rich

This is recommend from my sis. She told me that this product good to use =]
And I bought this from Guardian RM19.90. Is RM19.90 only!! Go crab it too, if you got a hair problem. Like me, my hair got damaged and dry. Hope can make my hair become nicely.

How It Works
* This conditioner restores moisture to the most dehydrated hair.
* Its ultra-rich formula is souped up with vitamin E, sunflower, hazelnut and almond extracts.
* It's ideal for those with dry, over-processed hair or those who frequently use heat styling tools.
* It's light enough for daily use - it won't weigh hair down but will add much-needed hydration for the healthy, soft hair you crave. No wonder it's our #1-selling conditioner.

Do you know Street Sence?

If you are support the authentic product.
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Why I will post this on my blog? Because Street Sense have a good service always!
Street Sense have a lot of branded are selling and pre-order! They got selling Medicon Toys too! If you are the medicon toy's collector! You must choose here =]
What they are selling about? Tees, hoody, sweater, jeans, sneakers, scandal, accessorise and decoration!
-Puff Nation

-Power Balance



-Nike Sportwear

-Casio G-Shock


-KaiKai KiKi



-Heat Porter Plus

-A Bathing Bape


-Fred Perry


-Mastermind Japan

-Louis Vuitton

-Beats by Dr.Dre

-Fragment Design



-Uniform Experiment

-Original Fake


-Adidas Originals

-Levis Fenom

-Comme des Garcons

STREET SENSE ™ was established in August 2010, their products are from all over the counter / shop imports, to ensure that it is 100% authentic items.
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Working hours:
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12.00 P.M to 3.00 A.M

Tell them you know Street Sense from ME! Haha, maybe you will get discount ! xP
What you waiting for?


For all want beauty!
Just wanna to share some make up's things!

First! I want to share the no1 ( Avene Eau Thermale Spring Water) in this pic. For me, I like this product.
How you use ? Spray onto the skin in a fine mist. Leave on for 2 to 3 minutes, then gently pat dry. Spray on as often as necessary. Like before you apply your foundation and BB cream, you feel weather is hot and feel your skin is dry or after exercise, just spray on your face =]. For all skin type!
You can buy this product at any Watson, Guardian and Sasa.
The no2 in this pic, eyelashes !I suggest this 3 types of flash eyelashes, know why? You need to make sure that your purchase should give you the most natural looking false eyelashes ever.
The no3 in the pic, Oriks Magic BB cream =] Currently, I have never used such a good BB cream.
You can search on Google about this product. Is awesome =]
The no4 in the pic, actually just a simple make up rubs. Hahaha !
No5 is apply on your eyebrows ( Maybelline New York). Just simple intro.
No6 is eye liner gel [M.A.C (B50)] . My birthday present actually =] Thanks my sis.
I love it when I'm using! So easy to draw a nice line on your eyes! You may like it too=]
No7 is Elianto One Touch Busher (03Berry Mauve).
No8 is glue of eyelash. I like this !
No9 is eyeshadow [ Majolica Majorca (BR784)].
No10 is gel mascara (KATE).
No11 is lipstick liquid, bought from my mum. Don't know what the brand is, but nice!
No12 is eyeliner [Skin Food (Black Rice Pen Eyeliner)].
No13 is apply eyebrows [Empro ( goldon brown)].
No14 is eyeshadow's brush ( Etude House).
No15 is eyeliner's "pen" ( Etude House).

Just want to share those things =]

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


1 2 woot woot!
My CNY tees!!! Tada!

Go crab your Stussy's tees! 2for 100 bucks! I bought from Time Square Showroom.
You can go take a look at Time Square.
0680 Berjaya Times Square 55100 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

more about

Actually this tee..I love it =)
So cute the design. Is ft with BFD

You can find this tee from here, Realm

No. 10A First Floor,
Jalan 1/77A,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.

I love tees so much =] Go crab your tees too! PEACE UP.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Hi guys!

Finally I bought a Maxis Wireless Broadband - 12G this evening. Teehee !
Finally I can online with pc! So excited =] because long time I didn't stay at home and online =[
I can online shop and search anythings already! Cheers!

This is powered by HuaWei.
-Wifi 802.11b/g.
-Absolute mobility across HSPA/3G/EDGE/GPRS networks.
-7.2 Mbps download and 5.76 Mbps upload capabilities.
-Mulyi function USB drive withe Micro SD card slot support up to 32GB.
-Able to connect simultaneously up to 5 devices.
-Able to connect to PCs, notebooks and other WI-FI devices.
-USB 2.0 for simple plug and play.

Sunday, January 23, 2011



I wanna write about my feeling now...
Is so much of memories make me miss you...
Really... It's killing me...
I cannot do anythings...
Although is passed few weeks..
I will not forget what you gave me..
Every time the song (她说-JJ ) around me...
After I heard that... My tears keep running on my face...
I cannot control even I at out site with friend or family.
I try to forget it and give up...
But cannot... I really miss you so much...
What are you doing? I doesn't know..Im so worry about you...

One thing...
You just in my dream...
When I dream about you.. I was happy! Know why?
It's nothing happen in the dream...
Always dream when we inside the school..
I'm happy! Cause you still friend with me.
Sometime will play with me...
But just a dream...
It not real..

I just want to say
I love you