Monday, June 6, 2011


Wooots! Sorry for blog late! But but, I'm so happy to met up my bffS. Why I say so, my daughter was back from Sabah this last month! She goes to Sabah half year something?! Oh my god, I almost forgotten! Felt that got a long time didn't chill up with her since last year September, her birthday! Miss her so much. Of course, she miss us too. Hehehe! We plan to meet up on this Saturday! Yeap yeap, peoples! The 2 pretty girls inside the picture are my bffs! From secondary school until now. Love you girls!

Yea yea, this is our lunch at Italian 1Utama. Yummy.... mom mom mom

HAHAHAHAA! What a funny picture and shock right? Not for fun okay, bought skirt for presentation! Cannot wait leh X) ( just share to you guys) 

What I cannot wait is... YEAP. Tao buffet for dinner! Woot wootss! Tao, the place location at Sunway Giza mall second floor. I love sashimi, do you? Hahaha. Well, we reached Sunway Giza almost 8pm something. We booked the table is 8.30pm, so we just "lepak" inside the mall. What a funny thingy is somebody had drunk and he wanna make a friend with my daughter! Wth?! We're scary because he is drunk man.. ==. Luckily he just say Hi and take contact number from her. Of course, she ignored... Fiewww.

I just snap some picture only, because hungry man. Saw those delicious food infornt me!! WeLOVE food. Keep on, non-stop eat! Scary girl right. Lastly, I wanna to type something here. Yeap, this is what we called friendship forever. Althought is since from Form1, we're already be a good friends as we can treat each others good. Althought my daughter, Ying didn't study finish his secondary school. We still are the good friends. I would never forget what both of you treat me when I was 15 or 16 years old. Bring "leong shui" to me when weather is not good. It so sweet you know, and we're not that "ah lian" and getting matural! Seriously, I will post the old picture soon if I found that. I love both of you!