Saturday, September 10, 2011


Yea yea, actually today got no class. Caused of the TOA (The One Academy) Campaign, we need to attend! Hmmm, early in the morning... I reached Rachel's house and waiting her while took some picture with Tessie! She is cute! She like me so much XD Around 9.15am, we reached the TGV@Sunway Pyramid. Our activity was inside the cinema, sound cool right!

After we mark attendance, they gave us the tee. We must change it before enter cinema. The topic today is "No Idea No Talk". Take some pictures! Peace.

 She is thinking.....

 Enter-ing, yeaaappyy!

 Random pictures :D

 After the campaign ended, we chilled at the Papa Johnny! My god, sooooo hungry!

Rachel was drove me! She is improving! 

Yeap! I'm falling in love with the Red thingy! Please check it out on facebook!!! Cherries-Berries