Saturday, September 21, 2013

Ying's 21st Birthday Party

Hellooow, is birthday blog again. Time flies, most of them step to 21st years old. We are planning her birthday party before 1 month, because she just mention her birthday party will at swimming pool. What you think?! Bikini party?! LOL. Luckily that time still having break, if not like now this period I gonna cry. I had discussed with my bff to plan early so that won't let birthday girl know. We are too lovely right 

Early in the morning, we hope can done it early because the party start at 7pm and they will prepared the food drink at 5pm... We reached there almost 3pm, we are super girls! Then we found a sauna room for us to do everything inside. Seriously inside is so hot! (of course we didn't on the electric)

As you can see how many balloon we need to tight it and decor it at pool. We felt we can be the birthday planners! LOL. The total of the balloons are 150+ still left some of the balloons we cannot rush it on time.

After we done decorate the pool we ask her boyfriend to bring her down to give her surprise! Guess what? We success! Lalalalala~~

the end

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